Handicraft has a long tradition with us

Starting with the morning trip on the Starnberger lake, the quality control of the fish deliveries, filleting and boning - manual work has tradition with our family. Of course, we also manufacture all fish delicacies salads, pâtés, soups, sauces and fund. Of course, we smoke ourselves, we smoke in the so-called Altona oven (i.e. over an open fire with sawdust), as in grandfather's time.

The following specialities are smoked fresh several times a week:

Char, pink, tender and very juicy meat 600-800g

Smoked salmon, from the best Label Rouge salmon, refined in our house by cold smoking, mildly salted. Available cut by hand, or in sides from 1 to 1.2 kg

Renken, the speciality from the Starnberger lake 300g (seasonally)

Trout, from German lands - no imported goods 300-400g

Salmon trout, tender and juicy in taste 800-1000g

Eel, from the Starnberger lake 300-500g

Doraden, 400-500g

We would be happy to show you how, for example, a Scottish salmon can be expertly filleted and refined into our smoked salmon, which is known far beyond the borders of Starnberg - in our fish shop this is of course daily routine.